Ingredient Development Food internship

Creating better understanding of functionality of ingredients we process from our mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers and supporting in expanding the products ingredients can be used in.

Your graduation research will be an integral part of your internship at us. So next to performing your research/ writing your thesis, your role will focus on supporting in:

  • Understanding functional specifications and ingredient interactions;
  • Designing and testing insect based products to be produced at scale, e.g. meat replacements, bakery products and sport nutrition;
  • Staying in close contact with industrial producers of the products you have designed, to understand their findings and concerns;
  • Looking for opportunities to expand our product portfolio based on the specifications of our ingredient range.  

Your profile:

  • A MSc or final year BSc student food technology (HBO of WO voedingsmiddelentechnologie). This means you know the ins and outs of food technology and have a passion for ingredient functionality;
  • Fluency in Dutch or English (non-native) is preferred and English or German required to ensure you can work effectively with our diverse team.

Startdate: 2023